November 1

“It is essential to reserve a few days in which we prepare for real poverty by means of practiced poverty.” – Seneca

We could replace poverty with any of the many real or perceived hardships that life is going to throw at us along the journey.

If we want to be prepared for hardship it helps if we have at least partially experienced it before even if we create it for ourselves. And for most of the hardships we might experience in life, we can do just that. We can chose to live without the luxuries that life might take away from us one day. Even if we only do it for a few days, it makes us appreciate the things we have all the more.

We could chose any single thing we enjoy today that could be taken away from us tomorrow if our fate changes a bit and we could choose to live without it for a few days, a week, a month even. And we would see that our lives are no worse off without these things, we would at least see that we could endure without those things.

And then with practice we would learn that if we had to, we could give up a large amount of the comfort we are accustomed to in order to continue on, or even in some cases to get just a little bit ahead.

virtus fortis vocat



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