November 2

“No one is born rich. Everyone, the they first see light, is commanded to be content with milk and rags. Such is our beginning and yet, kingdoms are too small for us!” – Seneca

There is nothing wrong with having aspirations. We all should want to do a little better than we are currently doing in any facet of our lives that could possibly be improved on. Providing for ourselves and our families falls squarely into that category.

There is actually plenty wrong with settling and not doing better when we know that we could. We each have an obligation to ourselves and to those around us, and especially those that depend on us to do as well as we can in all aspects of life.

There is a big difference however, between choosing to not settle and choosing to not be content. Choosing not to settle means looking at each and every facet of our lives, identifying the areas we can control, evaluating a plan to make changes that improve those areas, and then executing that plan. That doesn’t mean that we are not grateful for what we have, it doesn’t have to mean we are not content where we are. It means that we accept that we are a constantly improving system and that we will always be able to find areas where we fall short.

But we don’t have to have strong desires, and we don’t have to want more. Wanting more is not the same as shoring up a weakness. In fact, wanting more is a weakness that should be shored up immediately.

Balancing that is the challenge.

virtus fortis vocat


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