November 3

“You greatest difficulty is with yourself; you are your own stumbling block.” – Seneca

Success and failure will ultimately come down to control. If we spend all of our energy trying to control things that are actually external to ourselves, we will fail. We might see some immediate successes but ultimately we will fail. And the sad part is, we might not even recognize that we failed but our world view, our disposition, and ultimately our quality of life will eventually deteriorate to the point where we are constantly miserable.

We likely all see this in people that we interact with on a regular basis. The constant bad mood. The constant frustration with the world around them. The failure to find anything in life amusing or pleasant.  Do we really think that this cloud doesn’t follow those people into their homes? They live in a hell that they created by making choices not to control the things they could have controlled.

If we were to try to point that out to them, we’d be headed right down the same path.

Our job is to identify the things we can control. Our job is to make changes to take control over those things over the course of our lives. And when we do finally achieve an acceptable level of control over the things we actually have control over, we will start to see success. Maybe it won’t look like the success we think of at the moment but likely it will resemble the success we know right now enough for us to recognize it when it arrives.

virtus fortis vocat



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