November 4

“You are better at approving the right course than at following it out. You see where the true happiness lies, but you have not the courage to attain it.” – Seneca

If we spend a few minutes on the subject, it becomes pretty clear pretty fast. We all know the things we are supposed to do. We can all probably each identify the things that we do that are holding us back, though often this takes a little more effort as we are frequently blind to the habits we have that actually harm us.

We know however, that we should eat healthy food, we should exercise, we should get enough rest. But we don’t even do those three things as often as we should. We eat convenient food, we sacrifice sleep for television or online videos, and we fit exercise into our schedule when ‘it works.’

It’s amazing how simple it would be to just do those three things. Those three simple tasks, eat the right food, make exercise a priority, and get enough sleep. But as simple as those things are, there is nothing easy about them.

How many other things are going to fall along those same lines of being simple but not easy? Finances? Relationships?

In fact, the more we simplify our lives, the more we realize that most of the valuable things in life are just that, simple but really difficult to achieve. This is probably why we spend so much time over complicating them. If we think just for a moment about how much complication goes into exercise and then look at how the Greeks – the ones who invented the Olympic games – did it, it isn’t complicated. But that doesn’t make it easy.

So let’s dedicate ourselves to doing the hard things, so long as we keep them simple.

virtus fortis vocat




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