November 5

“The belly will not listen to advice; it makes demands, it importunes. And yet it is not a troublesome creditor; you can send it away at a small cost, provided only that you give it what you owe, not merely all you are able to give.” – Seneca

We all have needs that absolutely must be met if we are going to carry on the act of living. We need to sleep, we need to eat and drink, we need to be warm and sheltered, and we need some level of human interaction.

But all of these things can be taken too far and when we choose to take them too far they become an obstacle to becoming the people we want to be.

If we choose to sleep too much, we know what happens to us. Not only do we lose all of that time that we could have been doing something more productive but we end up more tired, sleep inertia saps our energy and we feel weak for the rest of that day.

When we over indulge in eating and drinking we not only waste food that could have been saved for another time or used to feed other people, we also push our bodies into storing food and generating toxins. We feel sick and we get fat. Both of these things get in the way of being more productive.

When we become too accustomed to our comforts and luxuries we become weak and dependent. We start to feel as if we need those things or worse, we feel entitled to them. That sense of entitlement becomes an obstacle to keeping in mind the things we can control and the things we cannot.

When we overdo our human interactions we lose our ability to be content in ourselves, our ability of self reflection gets dulled because we become too accustomed to the input of others. Worse than that, we forget that we alone understand our path and relying on the input of those around us is more a distraction than a guide.

But taken in just the right amounts, just as much as we need, these things meet our needs and give us strength to continue our journey.

virtus fortis vocat


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