November 7

“It is base to flinch under a burden. Wrestle with the duties which you have once undertaken. No one is brave and earnest if they avoid danger, if their spirit does not grow with the very difficulty of their task.” – Seneca

Each of us has parts of our daily lives that are difficult, even burdensome. And whether we like it or not, those are still things that have to get done. We can not avoid doing the difficult things in life unless we make ourselves comfortable with failure and stagnation. Otherwise, the difficult thing will be there waiting for us until we complete the task.

If we choose to complain our way through the difficult things we have to do in life, we’ll still be getting the things we need to complete completed. In fact, most of us do just this. We complete the things we need to complete, complaining all the while, and then we go about living our lives. The hard thing finished, but we are no better or worse for having finished it.

But that would be flinching, we wouldn’t be allowing our spirit to grow with the difficulty of our task.

If instead we took the things that we hate to do, the tasks that we consider a burden, and we made them into something that we had a good attitude about, we’d see ourselves grow a little bit. We’d at least be in a better mood. And oddly enough, we’d also see that our better mood translates to other aspects of our lives.

So let’s go do hard things with a smile and let’s watch ourselves grow as people.

virtus fortis vocat


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