November 10

“There are few men whom slavery holds fast, but there are many more who hold fast to slavery.” – Seneca

Our lifestyle in many ways, has more control over us than we do of it. We work to maintain things we need for work. We live outside of our means. We eat unhealthy food because it is more convenient. We make excuses to allow us to watch more television than is good for us. We say things like ,”It’s just on in the back ground.” And we passively allow these things to get away from us.

While at the same time, we are focused on controlling things that are firmly outside of our control. We try to accumulate more stuff, we try to make more money, we do things in order to get people to like us.

So we ignore the things we have control over, ourselves and how we spend our money and time. And we focus on the things we can’t control, how other people value us as friends and employees. For some quick examples.

We’d be better off focusing on the things we have control over, mainly ourselves. We could work on getting control over a few of the things we have allowed to slip. We could implement discipline in keeping ourselves on the right path. It will be hard and it will take a lot of discipline just staying on the path. And after just a short period of time we will look up and realize that the discipline has set us free.

virtus fortis vocat


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