November 13

“The man who is goaded ahead by hope of anything, though it be within reach, though it be easy of access, and though his ambitions have never played him false, is troubled and unsure of himself.” – Seneca

Hope is a difficult concept to get around and understand as a bad thing. We can stay optimistic, we can even have hope when things look bad for us, or when we find ourselves in really difficult situations. But to be motivated by hope, to leave our contentment in the hands of things outside of our control, we have to focus on things we have no control over.

We can hope that our situation improves but that doesn’t mean that it is going to. Instead, we can change the way we see our situation and we can have an impact on our attitude right away. The situation may or may not improve but our ability to get through the situation and maybe even learn a little something certainly can.

We can have dreams and aspirations, we can set life goals, in fact we have. But if we do not keep in mind that a good deal of the things that are required to have our dreams come true, to achieve our aspirations, or meet our goals are outside of our control.

So when we start to think that we don’t have our dream job, our dream house, or even our dream partner we need to also look honestly at the situation and think about whether or not we controlled the things we could as well as we could have or if we spent too much energy on the things that weren’t in our power to control.

If we are honest with ourselves, we’ll be a lot more comfortable accepting the reality we have over some dream version we can’t get.

virtus fortis vocat



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