November 16

“There are only a few who control themselves and their affairs by a guiding purpose: the rest do not proceed; they are merely swept along, like objects afloat in a river.” – Seneca

There are two principles for today’s meditation. The first is that there will be people not on the path, people who do not care about the path we are on, and people who are ‘content’ to travel through the world miserable and victims of their own apathy. These people do not matter to us as far as our view of who we are is concerned, we have zero business comparing ourselves to them.

We really shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to anyone except for who we were in the recent past. And really we should be thinking recent, comparing ourselves to who we were ten years ago is not fair. Especially if we’ve been working at becoming better people for awhile.

If we must compare to someone, the second principle of today’s meditation is that people with self control, people with discipline, they stand out. They stand far apart from the crowd. And they don’t have to be flashy, they don’t have to remind us, they typically don’t have to say anything. We can often pick them out by the way they carry themselves, the way they greet us in social settings, and the way that they choose to speak. People who have control over the things they can control are attractive to us because they stand outside the crowd but are comfortable where they stand.

We should be aiming to be people who stand comfortably apart.

virtus fortis vocat


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