November 18

“It is indeed foolish to be unhappy now because you may be unhappy at some future time.” – Seneca

A statement so simple and obvious that we would likely laugh at ourselves if we were to allow ourselves to be unhappy right now because we know we are going to be unhappy again at some later date.

But how is that any different than us worrying about things that lie outside of our control? Or even being upset that they are going to happen?

Things that are our of our control are going to happen every single day. And many of them are going to be negative, some will also be positive but it is almost a guarantee that we will experience at least one negative thing a day that is completely out of our control.

Another way to look at that is for us to see that we have the opportunity at least once daily to recognize when an event is outside of our control as well as the opportunity to make a choice to not allow the event to affect our disposition.

So daily we will have the opportunity to practice seeing what is and what is not in our control, detaching from our situation enough to see what choices we can make, and then acting on the aspects we do have control of to keep a situation from affecting our day more than it has to.

With that much practice, we can’t help but get better.

virtus fortis vocat


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