November 22

“There is no doubt that it is good for one to have appointed a guardian over oneself, and to have someone whom you may look up to, someone whom you regard as a witness of your thoughts.” – Seneca

People who have well developed self control and discipline will stand out to us, not only because they are rare but also because they have a freedom and a grace that everyone working to improve themselves is looking to attain. We all likely have someone that we see as having the qualities that we wish we would had. Whether it is someone we know, someone we see in the public eye, or a historical figure we admire based on what we know of them. It doesn’t really matter so long as we know enough about them to have an idea about how they would act in a certain set of circumstances.

Once we have that person in mind, we can then imagine that they can see everything we do, even that they have insight into the thoughts we are thinking. Once we have that in place we can allow ourselves to imagine we were being observed by that person that we would have mentor us if it were possible, how that person would respond to our thoughts, our actions, and our words can help to guide us to getting a little bit better as people.

Ultimately, our goal should be to have that person be the person we want to be.

virtus fortis vocat


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