November 23

“Meantime, you are engaged in making of yourself the sort of person in whose company you would not dare to sin.” – Seneca

We all have an idea of what the person we would like to become looks like. We know how that person acts in situations, we know how that person speaks to others, we even know the thoughts that person thinks. We at least know enough about that person to have a rough idea of their character.

We can imagine with some ease then, that the person we want to become is watching over us, reading our minds, judging our actions and words daily.

We can use that to guide us into becoming that person. We can imagine that we are judging ourselves harshly on our actions and words, that we are chastising ourselves for the thoughts we are allowing into our own minds. We can use that judgement and the reflection of it even after the event to guide how we act in the future.

As we chip away at the person we currently are, as we move our current selves along the path by judging our actions, and the person we want to become starts to emerge we will start to become the person we want to be.

And then we can set the goals out a little further, making the end product something we never reach but something we also never stop striving to become. Because as important as it is that we become our best selves, shouldn’t it be something that takes a lifetime?

virtus fortis vocat


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