November 24

“He who has learned to die has unlearned slavery; he is above any external power, or, at any rate, he is beyond it.” – Seneca

Learning to die. Understanding that while it is possible to have control over when we leave this planet and how much time we have left, the only way to do that is to choose to leave this life right now.

For those of us that are left behind, we have no control over how much time we have left. We have no control over how much health we have left, we have no control over how much wealth we will have in the near or distant future.

But rather than allowing that to be a source of stress for us, we can recognize that no matter how much time or energy we spend on trying to control these things, we just can’t do it.

Once we recognize that, and we realize that the most important things, our health, our wealth, and even our longevity are outside of our control, we can be free to make choices about our actions without considering those things.

Even more than that, we can remain unaffected by the actions of others that appear to threaten our health, our wealth or even our own lives. We take away their power to negatively affect us by understanding that they control these things even less than we do. And we don’t control them at all. Then with the big frightening things out of the way, we can recognize that even the small things, the things that might only affect our mood, our day, even smaller periods of time, can not be affected by the actions of others.

virtus fortis vocat


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