November 25

“There is only one chain that binds us to life, and that is love of life. The chain may not be cast off, but it may be rubbed away, so that, when necessity shall demand, nothing may retard or hinder us from being ready to do at once that which some time we are all bound to do.” – Seneca

We are all going to die. There is nothing any of us can do to remove that fact. While we do not know the day or the time that we are going to have to shrug off this life and enter into whatever – if anything – comes after, we can live our lives prepared to leave at any time.

The simplest and likely the first step in doing this is to compare the lives we have experienced to the lives experienced by other people on Earth across space and even time.

Our lives aren’t only more comfortable than most of the other people who live on the planet at this very moment, they are also full of experience and wonder that we take for granted. If we just think through a list of the experiences we have already had, and compare them to the life experience of the average person on Earth at this point in time, we will recognize that we have already lived very full lives.

If we compare our own lives to the lives lived by anyone one hundred years ago, we will recognize that our lives are so full of experience that they have been quite full for quite awhile.

When we recognize that, we should be able to understand that leaving this life at any time doesn’t rob it of its fullness.

Our lives are already full.

virtus fortis vocat


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