November 27

“But there can be no such good except as the soul discovers for itself within itself.”              – Seneca

The pursuit of happiness. Something so intrinsic to personal success and human achievement that the minds that crafted the constitution of the United States put it into the document that governs the ideas that fostered the greatest amount of human achievement in recorded human history.

The pursuit of happiness is an interesting way to view happiness, as something we have the right to pursue but not necessarily the right to possess.

What is interesting here, is that the framers of that constitution would have known about the writings of the Stoics, and in that light should have known that each individual has within themselves the keys to their own happiness.

We might not have any control over our own health, our own wealth, even our relationships but we do have control over how we view those things. We have control over how we choose to react to things that happen to us, we have control over how we choose to view the situations we find ourselves in.

And we can choose to view the world in ways that make us happy.

virtus fortis vocat


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