November 30

“You must lat aside the burdens of your mind, until you do this,no place can satisfy you.” – Seneca

We could choose any location, we could choose any occupation, we could look into any living situation, and almost any type of relationship and we could find people who were perfectly content and even, happy. We might ask ourselves how this could be but if we are being honest with ourselves we already know the answers to these questions.

People who have the ability to be content in any situation are the same people that we choose to admire for their ability to control themselves and maintain a level of discipline necessary to keep themselves from trying to control things that they can not.

For example, we do not control where we are born or the situation we are born into but we have to find a way to operate in the situation we are handed. And we have to be able to recognize the things we can control if we want to do well in the situation we find ourselves in.

But until we learn to recognize the things we can have control over – mostly we can have self control – and we learn to control those things to the best of our ability at all times, we will never be satisfied. We could have the most luxurious lives and still be miserable because we will be focused on controlling things we have no control over.

And that will always lead to misery.

virtus fortis vocat


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