December 4

“Therefore, as far as possible, prove yourself guilty, hunt up charges against yourself; play the part, first of accuser, then of judge, last of intercessor. At times be harsh with yourself.” – Seneca

We have a limited amount of time to do this. A limited resource that we can neither make nor purchase more of. It would make sense then, to be certain that we have an end goal in mind and that we prioritize the steps that are going to help us move towards that end goal fastest.

Where this becomes difficult is that getting better at things, becoming more disciplined, controlling our emotions, our actions, and our words takes practice. If we try to tackle the big important things right out of the gate, we are likely to fail, a lot.

But unlike travel along an actual path, we are trying to make ourselves into better people. This only takes assigning an end goal and then getting started. If we are on the wrong path we will make adjustments as we move along. If we picked the right path from the beginning, we are not being honest with ourselves and likely haven’t really made it anywhere. In other words, any movement we make is beneficial movement.

More important than getting started is being honest, brutally honest with ourselves. We have to be able to catch ourselves when we are not holding our own standard and at times, we need to be harsh – even ruthless – with our judgment.

virtus fortis vocat


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