December 5

“Now wisdom is an art; it should have a definite aim. Choosing only that which will make progress, but withdrawing from that which it has come to regard as hopeless.” – Seneca

One of the secrets to a happy life. Quite possibly the key ingredient to enjoying the experience of living is this: we shouldn’t worry about the things we can not control. Another way to look at the things we can not control is to see them as things that do not matter. They may seem important, and they may very well have a huge effect on the outcome of certain situations but if it lies outside our control, it does not matter.

The way that we sort out the things that matter against the things that don’t is to determine two things. The first is going to be how much control we actually have over the issue or situation in question. The second is more important, how much does it matter to the end result?

If it isn’t going to help us become better people, if it isn’t essential to the task at hand, if it isn’t going to make things better, it doesn’t matter. We can leave most things, even the things we might have control over right where we found them.

The trick to being able to determine whether or not these two questions apply to anything is to detach, to step back, not allow our emotions or thoughts to interfere and to look at the situation as objectively as possible. This ability gets better the more we practice. And we should practice everyday.

virtus fortis vocat



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