December 10

“If it falls to the lot of anyone to be set gently adrift by old age, – not suddenly torn from life, but withdrawn bit by bit, oh, verily they should thank the gods, one and all, because, after they have lived their fill, they are sent to a rest that is scheduled for everyone.”          – Seneca

We live in a culture obsessed with youth. In our world the elderly are all but forgotten, in many ways segregated out from the rest of society and dealt with as a burden we have to endure until they shrug this mortal coil. The same will likely be true for us should we be lucky enough to arrive there.

And it is lucky. Right now, we are on a path that will take the remainder of our lives to complete, and we aren’t even going to get to finish the path. We don’t get to see what is at the end. But we should want to see as much of it as we can. We should want to continue down as far as we can so long as we are still progressing and capable of progressing.

And we should continue to work towards progress. Even if that progress involves learning to thrive and enjoy our time in a society that has relegated us into the role of being a chore for others.

virtus fortis vocat


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