December 11

“Before now men have gone to meet death in a fit of rage; but when death comes to meet him, no one welcomes it cheerfully, except the man who has long since composed himself for death.” – Seneca

The sooner we make peace with the fact that the life we currently get to enjoy is going to end, the sooner we can focus on other things. Without any regard to the end result. We can work towards being kinder even if it keeps us from advancing in some aspect of our lives, because what difference does it make? We’re going to die anyway and does taking advantage of someone now really make our lives any better? No. It doesn’t. Better to be kind.

Sure we could turn it around and claim that taking advantage doesn’t matter for the same reasons. But we’d have to live with being that person for whatever the remainder of our time is. And when it all fell away and if we are fortunate to make that slow decline into old age and eventually succumb to the ravages of age; we will always know we were that person, the person who couldn’t be completely trusted.

How much sweeter is it to know that we missed some opportunities, maybe we even found ourselves taken advantage of once or twice, but when someone else’s fate was in our hands, they could always trust us to do what was right.

Because that is who we are.

virtus fortis vocat


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