December 13

“Follow up the impulse which prompted you to make for all that is best, treading under your feet that which is approved by the crowd.” – Seneca

There will be times along the way where we just don’t see the point. We will see everyone around us ‘living in the moment’ and getting tugged around by their emotions, giving in to the easy path, enjoying the distractions of life but man, it sure looks like they are having a good time. We will wonder why we are depriving ourselves, disciplining ourselves, and going without those distractions everyone seems to enjoy.

It is during these times that it is important to remember why we are on this path, that there is a goal here and that while it is difficult, it also makes life better.

We are better for not allowing our emotions to dictate our responses to situations. We are better for remaining in control of our thoughts, words, and actions. We are better for not trying to control the things that are outside of our control.

But it is important to stop and recognize that we are not better than those around us, we are not better than the crowds, we are not better than our peers. We are better than we used to be and that is the only comparison that matter. It is the only one we should be making.

virtus fortis vocat


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