December 15

“Work is the sustenance of noble minds.” – Seneca

The best way to ensure that we are going to die before we reach the age of a senior citizen is to make certain that we retire from the workplace before the common age. And that we don’t have a plan for retirement.

Many people retire, they travel a little bit, and then they settle into a lifestyle of hanging out around the house and not really getting up to much. And then they die.

They die because we are social creatures that need some form of mental engagement in order to stay healthy. Our minds are fueled by our bodies, by the stimulation of social interactions, and by the feedback of a job well done.

That’s not to say that our goals should involve staying in our cubicles until we literally drop dead, nor should we remain in positions that would empower and enable younger workers to advance their station.

Instead we should remain constantly engaged and constantly working on ourselves. Constantly trying to improve in the areas we can improve on. Constantly seeking feedback and trying to alter our path based on the feedback we receive. And constantly observing and interacting in a positive way with the world around us.

Because our lives depend on it.

virtus fortis vocat


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