December 17

“What then is good? The knowledge of things. What is evil? The lack of knowledge of things.” – Seneca

Life is great about giving us feedback, we need to be better about receiving and understanding the feedback life provides.

Gaining life experience does us little to no good if we are not open to the lessons that those experiences provide to us. The point of gaining experience is to learn something about ourselves and make ourselves a little better in the process.

Many times, the things that change us the most, especially the things that are going to improve us the most are the worst things to go through. Persistence doesn’t feel like persistence when we are going through it, during that time persistence feels like suffering.

And if we struggle through but only focus on what we had to endure, and only maintain a perspective that focuses on what happened to us rather than what we gained from the experience, we’ll never get any better. At the very least, we won’t become as great as we could have become.

So while we are going through life, gaining experience, we should keep our minds open to the lessons we could be gleaming from our experiences. These lessons will provide us knowledge of the world we live in and how we might better navigate it.

And that is what makes us good.

virtus fortis vocat



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