December 18

“In order that virtue may be perfect, there should be an even temperament and a scheme of life that is consistent with itself throughout; and this result cannot be attained without knowledge of things, and without art which enables us to understand things human and things divine.” – Seneca

Almost every workout plan, nearly every diet, practically all of the alternative income streams out there, and almost every life improvement strategy have one thing in common. They all worked for some of the people who used them. But why do they work for some people and not for others?

There are worlds of nuance there that might obscure the reasons that these things work for some people and not for others but if we strip away all of the nuance, we’ll see there is one overarching theme to every success story. Consistency.

Understanding what has to be done, simplifying that as much as possible, and then doing the things that have to be done consistently is almost a surefire way to ensure success. Certainly, true success stories almost never lack the consistency aspect of the tale.

And so it stands to reason that if we had to pick one thing we needed to add to our own lives to help us along the path, consistency would be as good a trait as any other. Consistency requires discipline, it requires us to be able to see how we are doing objectively.

But simplifying the path we are on to a few things we want to achieve, working out the best way to reach those goals and then incorporating those steps into everything we do is the best – possibly the only – way to get where we want to be.

So, let’s figure out who we want to be, decide the best route to get there, and be that person day in and day out.

virtus fortis vocat


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