December 19

“Neither can beauty or strength make you blessed, for none of these qualities can withstand old age.” – Seneca

Strength is a skill that is worth having when you can have it. There are still plenty of situations in the world we live in that are made easier or better by having strength to apply to them. And the nice thing about being strong is, even if you are really strong you can always apply less strength to a situation. You can not apply more than you have.

Beauty is a trait worth accentuating. Being attractive makes life easier. People are nicer to attractive people, they trust them more, and they want them to like them. Accentuating our attractiveness is never a bad thing.

But these aren’t forever things.

Being kind. Being patient. Listening well. Not trying to control situations that aren’t within our control. These are all things that will make our lives better now but more importantly they are things that we can continue working on and implementing in our lives for the rest of our lives. Even after we can no longer really consider ourselves attractive, even after we have to work tirelessly just to keep our strength from declining, we can become kinder. We can become more patient. We can listen better and most importantly, we can focus more on the things we can control.

virtus fortis vocat


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