December 20

“This molding will not be done in gold or silver; an image that is to be in the likeliness of god can not be fashioned of such materials; remember that the gods when they were kind unto men, were molded in clay.” – Seneca

Simplicity gives us the most leverage. A complicated lifestyle requires a lot of maintenance. If that maintenance can not be provided, the entire lifestyle has to suffer and the person accustomed to that way of living has to suddenly live without a luxury they have been treating as essential.

But a simple life can pivot. Even if we enjoy a fair amount of luxury in life, so long as we recognize it as luxury, if it gets taken away from us, we can live without it. Because the whole time we have been enjoying it, we understand that it is not essential. We can live without it.

A fun but difficult exercise to take seriously, we can try to imagine living the way people elsewhere on Earth live right now, while we are living our opulent lives. Lives where we have access to clean water and sanitation, lives where we are well sheltered from the elements, lives where we know where our next meal is coming from, lives where we have access to practically all of the knowledge humanity has acquired thus far, while we are living these lives, there are people living lives we can not even fathom. And they are happy, they laugh, they enjoy their days, they look forward to dates and events. They live full lives. With far less than we could even fathom.

Why are we struggling?

virtus fortis vocat


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