December 22

“Remembering continually what a noble thing it is to round out your life before death comes, and then await in peace the remaining portion of your time, claiming nothing for yourself, since you are in possession of the happy life.” – Seneca

Many of save for retirement. Some of us probably plan for retirement. Almost all of us dream of retirement. While we might plan what we are going to do and how we are going to live, how many of us plan who we are going to be when we retire from working life?

Sure, it’s nice to dream about being rich and living a leisurely lifestyle, how much nicer would it be to retire into being a kind and patient person who is content controlling the things that we can control.

And training ourselves to be that person can be done on any income, can be started at any age, and can be practiced at all times of the day. Even while we are engrossed in other work. We haven’t retired yet.

And while we will be working on perfecting being in control of the things we can control for the rest of our lives, we will reach a point where we are comfortable in that ability and can be content in any situation, focusing only on the things we have control over.

And at that point, it won’t matter if we retired yet or not.

virtus fortis vocat


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