Table of Contents

A quick list of all the blog posts.

Sick Day Philosophy                            A Better Approach to Flea and Tick Prevention

Natural (Veterinary) Medicine             The Best Tool for Preserving Your Pet’s Health

Having Pets is Expensive                    The Truth About Dogs and Chocolate

Sacrifice vs. Value                               The Amazing Truth About Prevention

We are all Bodies                                 When the Bad Apple Strikes

Homestyle Hooch                                The Veterinarian Who Was Always There

It’s not just Ingredients                        The Hardest Part of The Job 

The Big Casino                                   The Critical Nature of Good Communication

A Walk in the Woods                           Veterinarian Admits He is in it for the Money

Euthansia Aftermath                            It’s the Season of Boom and Crash

Planting Seeds Even if You Don’t See the Tree

How to Communicate Perfectly           Herding Cats

Optimism and Stretch                            How to finance your pet’s healthcare

7 Things Being a Veterinarian Has Taught Me About Life

Dad Challenge                            Please Annoy Your Dogs and Cats

Shadow’s Adventure                   Optimism                  Heart of Bixi


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